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Dog Breeds Working Kelpie. They are working dogs that need plenty of open space to run and will be happiest with a job to do. Their all-weather coat allows them to live The Australian Kelpie is a working dog that demands a great deal of exercise, preferably with some kind of job to do.

121 Best Kelpie images in 2018 | Dogs, Doggies, Pet dogs
121 Best Kelpie images in 2018 | Dogs, Doggies, Pet dogs (Eula Matthews)

Ch., World & International, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, New Zealand Champions. The Working Kelpie is an extremely active breed, bred to work hard all day long. This is obviously going to have a strong Continue reading below to see pictures, videos, and learn more about the beautiful Border Collie Kelpie Mix.

Slightly longer than its height, this dog gets a flexible, energetic appearance for its firm hindquarters and broad chest.

Like so many breeds, the origin of the Kelpie is disputed.

Australian Kelpie Breed Description: History and Overview

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The overall appearance of the Working Kelpie is that of a medium-sized, lithe, active, strongly-muscled dog conveying the capability of untiring work. For centuries, working dog breeds have been used for a wide variety of jobs, including driving, herding and guarding livestock, pulling sleds, hunting small. The material presented on this website, may not be reproduced or distributed, in.

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