Bulldog Breed Health Problems

Bulldog Breed Health Problems. Bulldogs have a plethora of health problems including cardiac and respiratory disease, hip dysplasia, cherry eye, and other concerns. Tragically, these health problems are nothing new.

Raising Awareness About English Bulldog Health Issues ...
Raising Awareness About English Bulldog Health Issues … (Kevin Armstrong)

We took an in-depth look at the common Genetic Problems in English Bulldogs. Most prospective pet parents are unaware that French bulldogs often face a long road of health problems, especially those pets from puppy mills. There is a strong argument about whether or not we should encourage the breeding of Frenchies given how their physiques can lead to problems later on in life.

Health and Welfare Problems due to Conformation (Body shape and physical characteristics).

The poor Bulldog is the most deformed of all breeds – it's appalling that breeders think it's okay to do this to a.

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Find out what makes this breed, also called the Mollett Victorian Bulldog, so unique below! It was bred as a Frenchies are uniquely susceptible to back problems, like herniated discs. However, due to the relatively large range of significant health problems that Bulldogs can suffer from.