French Bulldog Breed Standard Tail

French Bulldog Breed Standard Tail. The French Bulldog (French: bouledogue or bouledogue français) is a breed of domestic dog, bred to be companion dogs. Since Frenchies' tails cover the anus, they can easily get an infection.

French Bulldog Dog Breed Profile | Petfinder
French Bulldog Dog Breed Profile | Petfinder (Lettie Rice)

French Bulldogs are a smooth coated breed. Frenchies are hardy and robust little busy-bodies. French Bulldog information, how long do they live, height and weight, do they shed, personality traits, how much do The French Bulldog is a small sized domestic breed that was an outcome of crossing the ancestors of Bulldog Tail: Straight or curved, set low with a fine tip.

This Breed Standard for the French Bulldog is the guideline which describes the ideal Tail.

The French bulldog is a compact, muscular dog with a flat, short coat.

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The French Bulldog is a playful, companionable breed which forms strong attachments to their owners. In hemivertebrae, the bones of the spine are malformed. Key Breed Facts Breed Characteristics Breed Highlights Introduction History Appearance Temperament Intelligence / Trainability Children and Other Pets Health Caring for a French Bulldog Grooming Exercise Feeding Average Cost to keep/care for a French Bulldog Breed Specific Buying.