Dog With Roomba Video

Dog With Roomba Video. Discover how dogs and robot vacuums tend to get along. My dog, Vesper, is usually the perfect dog.

Cat Shark Duck Dog Roomba - YouTube
Cat Shark Duck Dog Roomba – YouTube (Carlos Curry)

Dog scared of Roomba, then goes on attack. Свернуть Ещё. The smell was so horrifying, the man jumped out of the bed, only to discover that their Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner had run over their doggie's pile, and now covered the entire "Do not, under any circumstances, let your Roomba run over dog poop… Because if that happens, the skid marks will be. Roomba Cat swats Dog pit bull Sharky.

Dog scared of Roomba, then goes on attack. Свернуть Ещё.

Since Landy wanted a clean house — the ostensible purpose of a Roomba — and not a house absolutely coated in dog shit, this was an issue. "I'm going to need therapy," he wrote.

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Floors so clean, you can't help Pictured: man's best friends, #Roomba and the pups from @konoinorlando! Beautiful living room + intelligent Roomba robot vacuum = home bliss. Funniest Cats and Dogs – Awesome Funny Pet Animals' Life Videos.