Dog Poop In Roomba

Dog Poop In Roomba. My dog, Vesper, is usually the perfect dog. Using cloud networking, computer vision and a mechanical design, the Beetl dog poop cleaning robot uses its front camera and live image analysis to hunt down dog poop in your yard.

Hysterical! Dog Poop Meets Roomba [Video]
Hysterical! Dog Poop Meets Roomba [Video] (Christian Warren)

Read on for the hilariously gory details and unexpectedly happy ending. "If your Roomba runs over dog poop, stop it immediately and do not let it continue the cleaning cycle," the man wrote. He also has a dog named Evie. Automated cleaning devices like the Roomba are great ideas on paper, and people buy them thinking they'll save time and effort, but the actual Just ask Jesse Newton from Little Rock, Arkansas and he'll tell you the Roomba has a major design flaw- it can't sense a dog turd, and doesn't know better than.

The cleaning robot then became an agent of destruction.

Jesse Newton's horror story started earlier this month when his Roomba ran over dog feces and dragged it all around the living room.

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He also has a dog named Evie. Or his dog's POOP, we should say. You can probably see where this is going… The "pooptastrophe" occurred late one night when the Newton's family dog Evie pooped on a rug.