Dog Training Dummy

Dog Training Dummy. This combo includes two regular black and white, one orange, and one white regular. Its plastic knobs are specifically designed to teach a pup to use a softer grip, making it great for training a future hunting companion.

1lb Standard Hand Throwing Gun Dog Training Dummy
1lb Standard Hand Throwing Gun Dog Training Dummy (Teresa Pena)

Originally from Great Britain, dummy training was invented to train hunting dogs. The more reliable the dog, the more freedom he is given. Also, choose from a wide range of Handheld Launcher Accessories including Launcher Ammo, Canvas Bumpers, and PVC Dummies.

Make your buddy a top dog for life, be your Best Friends Friend, by training together.

Should you wish to train on land and water then look no further than our plastic easy grip water dummies.

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Dog Training Dummies Tennis Ball Size Orange dummies teach dogs to use their nose after reaching the area of a fall. DT Systems Super Pro Remote Operated Dummy Launche.