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Dog Training Exercises. How to play: Taught as soon as a dog understands the concept of "sit," Wild Sits begins by having the dog on leash while the owner runs around cheering, jumping up. Put three soda bottles through the metal rod and secure in.

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If you call, please leave a message and we will gladly return your call. If your dog does anything for attention, you are to ignore him. This is a growing collection of dog training lessons.

Slowly bring the treat up between your eyes.

Start training your dog to run with you inside and with short training sessions — only around three to five minutes to start, Julie Burgess, a certified dog trainer for Senior Tail Waggers, told The Dodo.

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Give him treats to keep him on the treadmill. Have two dogs hold a stay and have the owners walk a good distance away. The training of a service dog also begins with these basic exercises.