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Dogo Argentino Black Colour. The Dogo Argentino is a large, white, muscular breed of dog that was developed in Argentina primarily for the purpose of big-game hunting, including wild boar. A patch of black on one ear or.

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Dogo Argentino (Argentine Dogo) is a breed of dog, created by the Argentine doctor Antonio Nores Martínez, looking for a suitable breed. A patch of black on one ear or. One key to our community success is our staff.

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The Dogo Argentino was bred to hunt wild boar and other big game, an activity that requires fearlessness, power, and stamina.

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The nose and lips are black, and the eyes are almond-shaped, set widely apart, and are dark or hazel. These dogs have a strong, powerful head and neck. Dogo Argentino, Pakhra Magnifika dogo argentino kennel, Puppies Dogo Argentino, Щенки Аргентинского Дога, Аргентинский Дог, Пахра Магнифика.