Black Dogo Argentino Dog

Black Dogo Argentino Dog. Don't give them the run of the house until they've reached trustworthy maturity. He's easily recognized by his short, snow white elastic-like coat and prized for his keen scent ability and explosive agility and energy.

Big Black Dogo Argentino Stock Photo | Getty Images
Big Black Dogo Argentino Stock Photo | Getty Images (Paul Moss)

Dogo Argentinos love to lounge in the sun but since they are an all-white breed they can get a sunburn and care must be taken, especially in the hot summer "Donna Auca Liu, my female Dogo Argentino dog. Black pigmented skin anywhere on the dog is The Dogo Argentino is a pack-hunting dog, bred for the pursuit of big-game such as wild boar and. 🔴 native Chinese Chongqing dog , truly natural exotic dog , The Chinese native Chongqing dog is an ancient molosser dog , unique breed which thought to have. It is not uncommon to see a Dogo Argentino with a black marking on the head called a "pirata".

Dogo Argentinos have powerfully built well-muscled bodies.

This includes other breeds such as Swiss Despite the white coats Dogos can sometimes have black pigmented skin and this is acceptable.

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Welcome to our website Dogo Argentino – La Garganta Del Diablo kennel. The Dogo Argentino is a breed for experienced dog owners who know how to handle such a powerful, energetic, and robust breed. The Dogo Argentino (Argentine Dogo) is a breed of dog, created by the Argentine physician Antonio Nores Martinez, looking for an animal suitable for the hunting of common species in The truffle is black.