Dogo Argentino Australian Shepherd Mix

Dogo Argentino Australian Shepherd Mix. If the Australian Shepherd Mix takes after the Australian Shepherd, they will be a highly intelligent and highly active dog that loves to be doing things with The grooming level to expect in an Australian Shepherd Mix will depend heavily on the parent breeds in the cross. Poor Jack was not feeling well that morning.

Dog Breed DNA and Survey Results: What Kind of Dog is That ...
Dog Breed DNA and Survey Results: What Kind of Dog is That … (Ora Montgomery)

The name of this majestic breed can give you an insight to its lineage, no prizes for guessing as to from where does this handsome lad originates from. They were created for the purpose of big game hunting and so display a certain tenacity. Meet Jax Dogos , a lovable Dogo Argentino puppy.

The breed was created by Dr.

The Dogo is very intelligent and always wants something to do.

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As is the case with many mixed breeds, information about where this mix had its beginnings is. Poor Jack was not feeling well that morning. Australian Cattle Dog Australian Kelpie Australian Shepherd Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Australian Terrier Azawakh Barbet Basenji Danish-Swedish Farmdog Deutscher Wachtelhund Doberman Pinscher Dogo Argentino Dogue de Bordeaux Drentsche Patrijshond Drever Dutch.

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