My Dogo Argentino Have Black Spots

My Dogo Argentino Have Black Spots. I got my dogo and he has black spots around the knows and some on the head but i think some black spots are developing in his back too is that normal ? He was looking for a strong, vigorous, balanced athlete who could be both a hunting.

Midnight! Black, handsome, shiny, strong, those eyes are ...
Midnight! Black, handsome, shiny, strong, those eyes are … (James Vega)

Dogo Argentino, or Argentinian Mastiff, is the only native breed from Argentina. They need extensive exposure to friendly people so they learn to recognize the normal behaviors of If you have children, I do not recommend an Dogo Argentino. I remember that I did not sleep for.

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Colors besides bluish black, and a foul odor, are also causes for concern, as they could be signs of a more serious problem.

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Dogo Argentino kaslı, atletik ve dikdörtgen şeklinde bir vücuda sahiptir. Köken olarak dövüş köpeği ırkı taşıdığı için köpekleri kendisine düşman olarak görebilir. This condition simply means that your dog is While the sudden appearance of black spots on a dog is usually no big deal, there are times when they demand medical attention.