Dogo Argentino Hog Hunting

Dogo Argentino Hog Hunting. The Dogo Argentino is a large, white, muscular breed of dog that was developed in Argentina primarily for the purpose of big-game hunting, including wild boar. The Dogo Argentino was bred to be a pack-hunting dog that can pursue and take down big game such as puma and wild boar.

Dogo Argentino vs wild boar attack! hunting - YouTube
Dogo Argentino vs wild boar attack! hunting – YouTube (Effie Collier)

Here is a guide for going hog hunting with your Dogo Argentino – A fantastic catch dog! The Dogo Argentino was created by the Argentine breeder Mr. He was looking for a strong, vigorous, balanced athlete who could be both a hunting.

Powerful, and athletic, Dogo Argentino is a big dog breed with a full white body.

The length of body is just slightly.

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Dogo Argentino vs wild boar hog pig hunting training on Vimeo

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Dogo Argentino

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Dogo Argentino vs wild boar hunting – YouTube

YouTube – PELEA PITBULL Y DOGO. The Dogo Argentino was bred to hunt wild boar and other big game, an activity that requires fearlessness, power, and stamina. The breeder, Antonio Nores Martínez, also wanted a dog that would exhibit steadfast bravery and willingly protect its human companion. hunting with Dogos.